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These days, there are multiple options available for getting your car cleaned. However, with the increasing popularity of car valeting and car detailing, there has been some confusion about the difference between these two services. Let’s see if we can help clear up the confusion and explain the differences from a professional standpoint.

The image shows a circular scratch thats now removed on the surface of a car door

Car valeting involves the process of cleaning, polishing, and waxing a car to achieve a new look while maintaining or enhancing its value. This includes cleaning the wheels and shuts, washing, polishing and waxing the bodywork, dressing exterior plastics and tires, polishing paintwork, and the glass. Additionally, the cleaning process may involve the use of a clay bar to remove unwanted contaminants from the paint, such as air pollution, tar spots, bird droppings, and tree sap, which can make the paint feel rough and dull its appearance. Car valeting utilizes various chemicals, tools, and accessories to reach awkward areas, clean off as much soiling as possible, and leave the car looking as close to its showroom condition as possible. The interior is vacuumed in all areas, including the dash, center console, seats, carpets, luggage areas, and vents, before various chemicals and tools are used to wet clean any soiled areas such as upholstery, trim, carpets, and headlining.

The image shows a circular scratch thats now removed on the surface of a car doorOn the other hand, car detailing involves the attention to detail in cleaning every surface, including the wheels and the interior, and often includes areas not typically cleaned and repairing parts that may be damaged, such as paint repair or wheel refurbishment. The primary difference between car valeting and car detailing is around the paint rectification/correction process to get the paint looking its best, i.e., free from swirl marks, scratches, and other blemishes that can ruin the appearance. These defects are removed through the use of a machine polisher that combines a selection of abrasive polishes and pads designed to remove defects, polish the surface, and leave a flawless hologram and swirl-free finish.


In conclusion, for most customers, the difference between car valeting and car detailing is the degree of attention to detail and the more corrective and enhancing processes used. To be a professional valeter, one needs to be trained in the processes of car valeting. However, detailing a car requires additional enhanced training and equipment that enables one to undertake paint rectification and a higher level of attention to detail. If you’re interested in either service, Rinse Works offer a range of valeting packages like their Inside and out or Signature Valets. 


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